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About the Owners

Matt Loughran
Raised in the San Francisco Bay area, Matt was influenced by surfing and skateboarding at an early age by frequent trips to visit his family in Huntington Beach. Matt spent his early years skating varied terrain and pools, until relocating to San Pedro in the mid-eighties where Matt was able to actually live at the beach and surf on a daily basis.

Matt began a life long series of travels to feed his love of surfing and his adventurous nature. Matt's first surf trip took him to Hawaii where he ended up staying for almost a year. For the next decade Matt traveled the world surfing in Costa Rica, Mexico, Hawaii, France, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, Fiji and Indonesia.

Between Matt's surfing travels he worked and attended college in San Diego where he was introduced to the emerging sport of snowboarding. Matt made his way to Washington State on a snowboarding trip and ended up working at
Steven's Pass. This is where Matt discovered surfing in Westport and fell in love with its small town charm and consistent waves..

After another extended move to the Islands (5 years), Matt returned with Dannielle, his then girlfriend and now wife, to open Steepwater Surf Shop in March of 2001. Matt is currently living and loving it in Westport, Washington.

Dannielle Loughran
Dannielle was born and raised in central Florida and at the age of eighteen moved to Hawaii where she lived in Kona on the Big Island. Always a worker, she had numerous jobs, one of which was at the Four Seasons Hualalai.

Getting off work one day, Dannielle was approached by Matt (her now husband) for a ride home - Dannielle obliged Matt and gave him a ride. After learning of Matt’s most recent adventure (three months in New Zealand), Dannielle asked Matt if he could teach her how to surf. She had grown up around the ocean all her life but had never tried it. Matt graciously offered to teach her how to surf and the next day they met at the beach and had their first date/surf session. Dannielle was hooked by both surfing and Matt.

Dannielle has been on many travels to exotic places with Matt and there is always a good story from their travels. Between adventures and running the surf shop, Dannielle also works as a registered nurse, so if you get a minor ding while surfing – stop by for a band-aid.

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